At Youth on Assignment, middle and high school students go on assignment to produce multi-media stories. Students of Youth on Assignment are trained to be youth journalists: producing, reporting, and filing stories for our rich media outlets. After reporting successfully, students can decide to train to be a contributor on our radio show or podcast series. Smart phones, laptop computers, tablets, and hand-held microphones make these on-location assignments possible like never before.  Many of these stories are produced for our talk radio show on WSUM 91. 7 FM.

Climate Change Affects Severe Weather »

Climate change affects overall climate patterns and seasonal trends. Although it is hard to link climate change to individual weather events, there is a clear relationship between global warming and more severe weather

Global Warming by Mitchell and Wilson »

Wilson and Mitchell paired up as science documentarians during the Youth on Assignment summer science camps. The film visuals combine with a gripping soundtrack to make a strong case for immediate action.

Climate Change and What We Can Do… »

The younger generations are likely to feel the dire effects of climate change more than any other. They are asking us all to take action and do smart things to slow climate change. A great documentary by Clare, Carson, and Bella.

Global Warming by Josh and Zach »

Josh and Zach explore the effects of global warming and the role the University of Wisconsin plays in monitoring these effects. Thanks to Patrick Rowley of UW's AOS's Department.