At Youth on Assignment, you will explore your world and tell your story. Here, you will learn the skills to go on assignment and make yourself heard. We believe the youth voice is a critical part of saving our planet and your future. Youth on Assignment is a youth media arts organization using an ‘on-assignment’ model. Students learn the skills to go out into the field to document, to investigate, to witness and capture the stories, images, and sounds. They also learn the skills to edit and publish podcasts, live radio shows, films, and more! (Click here to see former YoA productions)

Right now we are seeking interested teens and young adults who want to podcast their own show and/or be part of our upcoming internet streaming radio station. We are also looking for members to join our investigative journalism team. Currently, we are investigating youth prisons and allegations of abuse and mistreatment. Although we are located in southern Wisconsin, you don’t have to be! You can be anywhere in the world and still join Youth on Assignment.

If this picture captures something you’d also like to do, advanced YoA members can join our extreme team and go on Extreme Assignments. Please contact us today!