Youth on Assignment is a youth journalism and media arts organization that provides Madison area teens with extended media production opportunities in order to engage their communities and provide a critical youth perspective. Youth on Assignment’s special ‘assignment’ approach allows teens to engage their community on a deeper, more meaningful level. Participants go on assignment into their communities to investigate and experience stories. Then, through film and radio, they interview adults and each other about pressing issues that matter and affect youth in particular.

At Youth on Assignment, we provide opportunities in digital film production, digital audio recording, and a weekly broadcast radio show at WSUM 91.7 FM. With the weekly radio show, Youth on Assignment maintains a constant media presence in the community.

Youth need a voice. Youth on Assignment gives participating youth the training to develop that voice–in film, in radio, in reporting. We then give them a way to share their stories– via film festivals, a live broadcast radio program and our website. The stories and issues we cover at Youth on Assignment are often challenging but invisible. From youth incarceration to homelessness, from media effects to climate change, we encourage youth to investigate, report and produce their pieces for the public. The public is given an important opportunity to hear and share these vital stories .

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